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From livonia, mi — 09/28/2006

As a former employee, I must offer a partial rebuttal to the other reviewer. In my opinion, it is a mark of a good company - where you do not necessarily need two degrees to be offered promotions. If you were a producer, you were richly rewarded (whether you graduated from a college or not). And Quicken used to require long, long work days (sometimes 14 hours or more a day, usually for 6 days a week), but if you were doing mucho business you were rewarded for those long hours spent there. In the interview, they were very clear about the time committment required of you - it is not a surprise to new hires to have to put in the time in order to build up a sales-oriented business. It was also made very clear, in that interview, that if you were not producing, if you were not sticking to the Quicken Loan-isms, then you would be "gotten rid of" ASAP. This is a sentiment that was expressed daily, it seemed, which really made work very stressful though. The teammates you worked with were extremely well-trained though, and very knowledgeable and dependable. As the mortgage business changed in the last year/year-and-a-half, Quicken/Rock Financial has adapted. People do go home at a reasonable time now, and the bonuses are a lot less than they used to be (when the mortgage business was booming, the bonuses were ridiculously high!). It IS still a very stressful place to work, but it is not the worst. There did seem to be a problem with people being promoted. If you are not in tight with the chairman, you do not go anywhere in the company. But isn't that true anywhere? It is true that there are no minorities in upper management, as the reviewer said. However, there are a number of female sales and ops managers, or "Divisional Vice Presidents" as Quicken calls them now. All-in-all, Quicken was a good company to work for, especially for salespeople.
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