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From Collegeville, PA — 07/30/2009

I was at Quest for 17 years, you would think that you'd be pretty secure in your job after so many years. We had a change in management with the last few years and our division (employer) went way south. The leadership was horrible, unless you were friends with upper management you had no chance for survial. Four years ago our division flourished. We had leadership that cared about their team and our customers. At one point we had 15 National Account Managers that exceeded expatations year after year. Once the new leadership came into play all they cared about was getting new business and not holding on to what we had. Our division was cut down to 7 people. We saw so many of our larger clients leave because Quest was so concerned about getting new business rather then holding onto what we had and growing that book of business. In 2008 they once again laid off most of there successful employes partially because they were the highest paid. Yes, highest paid! We all earned that over the years by growing our book of business. Quest felt it best to get rid of the experience group and keep the folks that were new to Quest. Why? Because they didn't have to pay them as much. Now who's suffering? Quest! They have lost many of their largest clients because they wanted to save a few dollars by getting rid of their experience employees. I loved my job and my customers. It sadens me that they had no concerns for the few qualified people that made that division what it once was. Those folks are gone and with them most of the good clients Quest once had. I only see this division going down hill moving forward. If you take a job with the employer division don't plan on being around very long, once you make too much money you'll be next on the chopping block.
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