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From San Diego, CA — 09/19/2010

There is a total lack of respect shown employees by the executive management team. This seems to be a management mill where people are hired for their experience and then required to adhere to very outdated methods of managing a business. You are looked upon as a good manager only if you can strike fear in your employees. During the hiring process they state clearly they want to change and embrace the work experience on your resume but don't be fooled, the executive management will not support you.

There is a pervasive lack of trust from the executive management team and this causes cilos internal to the company structure which make it very difficult for cross departmental functions to work together. Everyone is scared for their jobs and, due to a considerable number of the employees not being very competent in the English language, they will have considerable difficulty in finding work outside the Vietnamese community. This is the predominant reason the employees put up with this very abusive behavior. Consequently, because of this lack of trust, there is very little job security unless you are part of the family. Additionally, long term employees will often undermine your effectiveness as the executive management team will not trust you over them and will not support you in any way.

Work balance is absurd as there is none and there is no appreciation for the long hours you put in. The executive management team has a motto, there are 24 hours in a day and you will work as many hours as needed to get your job done. Naturally, this only applies if you are not family.

There is no career growth potential. People are selected by how much they are liked by the executive management team and put into any position requiring attention. Once they fail, the executive management team puts another individual and another and... Fundamentally, the organizational structure is not correct and therefore people are not doing the right jobs at the right times nor is there enough resources in certain job functions and too many in others. The executive management seems not to know what roles should be changed as they do not baseline any other organization to see how other companies operate.

Work environment is very poor due to the constant yelling and screaming of the executive management trying to get things done. Small errors by anyone could be considered a terminating offense as the executive management team is intensely personal in their management style. If they feel offended in anyway, they will fire you! The executive management team will not accept personal responsibility for any of their decisions which fail in the company. It is always another person at fault with no regard to process failure at any time.

There is no bona-fid leader at the top of this organization. The husband is the CEO and the wife is the CFO and both are delicately balancing their professional and personal lives daily. Currently they operate as CO Presidents and this causes a great deal of problems when there is any issue owned by one of them. Each will naturally rally to support the other even though their decision was not effective or adequate to fix the issue. Top down management from both is very difficult to deal with as they make decisions in a vacuum, sometimes even from each other, and try to implement.

The executive management team did bring in Lean Sigma Green Belt training but failed to support it. Did not adhere to the basic principles of modern management practices in the training and subsequently no one believes their serious about changing or improving the business. QSIC is an experienced "garage" shop which has now become so large the systems which worked in the past by throwing more bodies at a problem, no longer work sufficiently to meet the internal goals of the company.

WARNING: The executive management team will not listen to your ideas and they will not provide you with the needed autonomy or support required for you to do your job. I would strongly suggest you never work for this company if you are looking for a career.
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