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Job Security4
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth5
Work Environment4

From campbell ca — 07/17/2009

Hi my name is Chris. Recently, I was laid off from an IT job. While I was moving to a new house, I passed a sign in front of a company called Quality First Home Improvements Inc that said “Now Hiring”. I almost kept driving an ignored it. Instead, I stopped and asked about the job. I was told it was canvassing, door to door sales. They gave me some information about the position, and some contact information. I was interested, so the next day I called the canvass manager and set up an interview. I was hired on the spot and started the next day. I quickly realized that this canvassing job, unlike others, is really good. Not only do they provide the canvassers with a decent hourly wage, they pay a bonus on product demonstrations, and sales. Plus, the training was exceptional. As a career job it does have many ways to advance and the owners are people who actually believe in people. They know if you treat people like people they will end up being better than a simple replaceable cogs in a corporate machine. I am now making more than $1000 a week and am very happy with my position. This company installs roofs, windows, solar, and many other home exterior products. The hours are good, and the exercise from walking is getting me back in shape. The best part is I am employed again, and in these times, I consider myself fortunate.

Now for the breakdown.

Pay: for this market it's getting everything paid for.

Respect: I get plenty of it.

Benefits: are respectable.

Job security: This does exists in this market this company proves it.

Work / life balance: i can almost bend the schedule into pretzels.

Career potential / Growth: best ever. I am making this in less than 2 months.

Location: I can walk to work.

Co-worker competence: I haven't strangled anyone yet. Lol it's perfectly acceptable.

Work environment: Well a little cramped at our office but they are in the middle of moving. It is airconditioned so rather nice in the summer.
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