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From Oceanside, Ca — 12/12/2009

I have only been there going on 2 months. So far, I have had no issues with customer complaints like everyone else is stating. As an outside sales rep I encounter a lot of customers. I give them my cell number and allow them to call me whenever. The first line of defense is that the customer needs someone to talk too. The 800 phone number set up is for customers to call and leave a message. The outside sales rep/Customer Service Manager is for direct customer contact. If your sales rep sucks then yes the clients are going to have a bad experience with the company. That is why they probably have a bad turnover rate. Management see somebody slacking off and not doing their job. Hence the turnover rate they are talking about. I have only seen new people added. The core of employees we have now are growing together like a family. We understand the hours. Most of it is spent on the road as I work in the Orange County area and live in Oceanside. I love the job and meeting all the interesting people in life. I have had a few worse outside sales jobs. Damn they give you a gas card, a car and a laptop. You are really your own boss out on the road. But you do have to perform.
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