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From central FL — 04/16/2010

I worked for Publix from 02-07, part-time. I never really minded it there. I liked most of my coworkers and what I did. (Bagging and cashiering.) I didn't need/want to move up in the ranks, and I didn't need to get health insurance from them, so I can't speak about that. But it was overall a pleasant experience, and I have nothing bad to say about them. My mom actually now has worked for publix since 1994, and they've treated her well and handled family emergencies, issues, very well. She took 6 weeks off in 03 when I almost died in a car wreck, (not my fault!), and another six weeks in 07 when my grandpa died and my grandma had a stroke. It probably mostly depends on the store you're in, but I still love Publix.
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