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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth5
Work Environment5

From Greenville, SC — 04/02/2009

Pay: For a grocery store, starting off at 7.50/ hr is amazing, compared with many other stores. And with a possible raise within three months and then another every six months, only for a job well done? Unheard of.

Respect: If you respect the office staff, they will generally respect you. Occasionally you get a bad apple, but they are few and far between. I had the privilege of working with a great office staff.

Benefits: Being part time, I didn't use any of the benefits, but I was friends with one who did, and the health insurance did not seem to be very bad. They covered 80% of costs, which seemed reasonable. Also, the stock options made this company a great one to make a career with.

Job Security: If you did your job quickly and accurately, you would be fine. I would go as far to say that these people that give such a negative rating were possibly more of the lazier side of employees. Do your job, do it quick, and don't whine. Basically just be a mature adult.

Work/Life Balance: How you could not have a life when this is a grocery store with a flexible schedule, letting you work as little or as much as you want? The only thing I wanted was a little more hours, but on multiple occasions my ACSM worked with me and gave me the hours, and if you were willing to do a little bit of work you could ALWAYS pick up an extra shift or two.

Career Potential/Growth: Like I said before, Publix is a great company to make a career with. The stock options are great, and they often hire within if you're willing to go full-time and have a good head about you. I know many managers who started off as front-service clerks and are now making bank with the company. A good career with great growth.

Location: The location was good, I chose to drive to a location farther away simply because I enjoyed the people working there more. They were well spaced

Co-worker Competence: Publix generally hired good employees with a good work ethic. The ones who did not want to work were weeded out usually, with a few exceptions. I enjoyed all the people that I worked with.

Work Environment: Environment was very good, and easy to work. The thing I loved best about Publix is that I could see a problem, and go and fix it without having to ask permission to go anywhere, and I was just a front service clerk. I didn't have to check everything with a manager. They realized that there are some problems they don't have to know about and don't have to have control over everything.

I believe that with Publix, all you need is a hard work ethic and dedication. They will treat you right 100% of the time if you treat them right. Just because you may be too lazy or wanting a job that you don't have to actually work at doesn't mean that they're not a good place to work. I always recommend Publix as a good place to work for high schoolers, and also for college age students who are looking for a career.
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