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From Brentwood, TN — 12/02/2008

Pay: People need to understand minimum wage and hourly employees aren't generally meant to be paid enough to live on solely. That is why you work very hard and develop your skills and experience and work your way up! I was paid 8.00 starting off with no experience. I was promoted within one week because I was honest, kind, and hardworking. I always received a raise at each 6 months review.

Respect: Most of my managers were very kind and respectful. I don't mind my boss telling me what to do, that was their job. However, there are always gonna be jerks you have to work for. Get used to it, that's life. Generally though, that atmosphere at Publix is incredibly kind and I found even the managers and corporate personal all very kind and considerate.

Benefits: AMAZING! I paid I think around $30 every two weeks for my own coverage and the coverage is amazing. Only a $250 deductible and a $2,500 a year maximum out of pocket! Coverage that great is hard to come by. They were always very easy to work with. I had a baby under that coverage so I sure know!

Job Security: It's a well run business. I don't see it going anywhere for a long time. But I think it will continue to grow. As long as you are a good hard worker, you don't have to worry about losing your job at Publix.

Work Life Balance: My managers were always very accommodating with my schedule. I always got the hours I wanted and needed because they valued me as an employee because I was a good worker. Managers however really did have to put in a ton of hours.

Career Growth Potential: There are FABULOUS opportunities for growth at Publix. I was promoted within a week, and a few months after was suggested for another promotion, which I declined. Publix always looks to hire from within before they hire an outsider. Everybody I knew at Publix started at the bottom and worked their way up. Including the Assistant Store Manager who was making around $90,000 or more without a college education! This company provides opportunities! Another manager was about 25 and making $60,000 after starting as a cashier only 7 years or so earlier. I constantly was watching people being promoted from within.

Location: It's only in the Southeast. That kind stinks. I really wish they were more national.

Coworker Competence: I worked with a lot of good people. However, there will ALWAYS be the incompetent workers anywhere you go. At least Publix made them tolerable.

Work Environment: Clean, Air Conditioned, Safety Cautious, Very Friendly Associates...people stop being so spoiled! Unless someone is nonstop harassing or harming you, don't even complain about the work environment of Publix.

Overall a great place to work! Not the most exciting thing in the world, but if you just need a job with great benefits and the possibility of moving up, Publix is a wonderful employer and business.
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