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From Iselin, NJ — 02/13/2008

I have been with Prudential for 13 years. Regarding the other views, let me emphasize on this. Prudential is a GREAT company. What will make your life a living hell is the management you are under. I have been in four different positions while with Pru and I have came across some bad management which has pushed me into posting for other positions. Some managers are good ones and some are bad. We have to be careful not to mix a good company with bad management. In terms of benefits, Pru has cut back on some things like medical and tuition reimbursement. Nevertheless, the benefits are still good compare to most companies. Again, depending on your management, the work/life balance can be good as well. I actually have the ability to work from home and since I am currenty completing my MBA, my manager let me leave early when I need to. The location (Iselin) is convenient for me, only 10 minutes on GSP North. I get respect from all my coworkers, including upper management. I guess it's how you present yourself. Show respect and you will get respect. Of course I am sure this doesn't apply to all divisions in Pru but in cases like that, you have to leave it in God's hands and decide how to handle that. Respect is due when given. Now career potential, that is another story. I have been in my current position for seven years and have tried posting to another position but have been unsuccessful. I don't know if it's something I am doing wrong or what. Maybe God has something else in store for me but by all means, I will not give up. Since I have been in this position, I have completed my bachelors and now is working on my MBA. I apologize if many do not agree that Prudential is definitely a great company but again, some managers make you want to go postal. I would like to comment on the percentage of blacks who are directors or above in the Iselin location. Let me just say I work on the first floor and there are only two blacks who are directors. We have only one black who is a VP and he is in HR. In the entire building, there are only 3 blacks who hold directors and VP level positions. The executives of Iselin see this and have came up with this diversity committee that is suppose to hire more blacks at higher levels but this committee has been in effect for a year now and I have not seen any changes in regard to this. Like with any corporate employer, it seems for "us", we have to do back flips, bungee jumps and the like in order to move up in corporate America. It's crazy and it's sad but again, the only thing we can do is leave it in God's hands and let him handle the situation.
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