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From Anywhere — 04/15/2010

This company takes little if any regard to a employees family life. They are not a family friendly company as spouses are NEVER invited to attend anything. Alot of companies include the spouse because they want to promote healthy families. When we live in a society where there is such a fast pace and really not alot of family time it is nice to include spouses togetherness and healthy relationships. I have found that this company promotes relationships within the work realm but not the family. So this can really set up an atmosphere that tears families apart especially to the degree of this companies outings. There is no reason that spouses should not be invite to alot of this except they just would rather the coworker be "together" than the family. Look statstics show that marriages are falling apart at a rapid rate. Now alot of these are due to office affairs. I am not pointing fingers here but if the shoe fits!
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