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From Great Plains — 08/24/2006

Still working and plan to for sometime. Come on folks. In the interview you know what you're getting into. They are honest - Progressive expects alot out of you, that is true. Don't most companies expect something out of you? I enjoy my job, I came from another insurance company (Fortune 500) and spent 4 years there. During that time we accomplished nothing as a company. At Progressive they have goals, great vision and for that I'm grateful. I'm a part of something bigger. I don't just go to committee meeting and nothing is ever decided or accomplished. If you like that then believe me there are jobs out there for you. But just because you can't take a bit of heat, don't blame that on a "Progressive" employer. You know what they say, too hot in the kitchen, get out. And, it speaks volume to those who feel the need to burn the dinner on the way out?!? Maybe have a gap in our hiring process?
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