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From Mayfield Heights, Ohio — 03/01/2010

I work in a call center, part-time. Been there over 10 years. I work nights. Such a safe environment. Only one truly bad manager in this timeframe and they weren't allowed to stay there long. Lots of morale building employee appreciation days (more than once a year). The campaign right now is "you matter" and they truly try to make me feel that way. Just this weekend there were big snowstorms out east and I volunteered for overtime and I got an email from my boss to thank me. I make over double the minimum wage, but I've plateaued, almost maxed out. I have kids, so working part-time nights is the bomb, but on the downside, it makes me completely ineligible for promotion. Don't even try unless you are full-time. I've seen people lose their jobs over the years, but I have never felt management was wrong to fire those individuals. Easiest way to get fired... attendance (not an issue for me, ever). I've seen people use email for personal use. I've seen people get arrested and disclose it to hr. Another for getting caught a half dozen times sleeping. But I've only worked with two people fired for their performance on the phone -- and it took a long time to fire them, and they got lots of chances to improve. The big push right now is average handling time per call. I'm expected to impart tons of empathy and be super friendly, but do it faster and faster and faster. If a customer believes we've made a connection, sometimes they want to gab freely, but I'm expected to reign them in and stop the waste of time. That's hard for me. People who are good actors or actresses make these connections with ease. Part-timers can get all the great benefits that a full-timer gets, but you pay about twice as much -- pretty normal in this industry. Work life balance is great! I don't work holidays due to my tenure, but a new hire only has to work two holidays. I can usually give away or trade hours or switch to a different day to avoid attendance issues when family events force a change. With 400+ people all doing exactly my same job across three states, flexibility is a breeze. I enjoy talking to a new person every 6-10 minutes, and the crazy accident stories I hear keep me enthusiastic about my job helping people. Fatality calls are emotional. We get surveyed every six months and everytime it asks me the worst part of my job. It's always the same thing. If a customer has a damaged vehicle and just calls to ask questions and doesn't want to file a claim, we have a zero tolerance policy that forces employees to file claims -- even if the customer begs, pleads, cries or screams (fully knowing that the likelyhood of their simple question will likely cause their rates to increase). After my kids are fully grown, I won't want to do call center work, so this isn't a lifelong career for me, but it is the best paying, most satisfying part-time job I think I could ever have.
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