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From Albuquerque, NM — 01/07/2010

So I had not heard about this website until today. I read the reviews and at first, I thought it was funny, the workload, obviously on everyone's mind. Then it got deeper. So deep it upset me. The workload does get hefty, and expectations and key measures are very important, but atleast where I stand WE is important too. Every person from my location has stated that WE is a joke, but have you even tried to enjoy yourself for once?? That is what WE is for, to enjoy a lunch and good company without the stress. Put the phone down and take a lunch for crying out loud.... Have you eaten lately??? It might help your productivity if you walk away for awhile. No, I am not the poster board child for Progressive, I am not Flo. But I am a person who has been through the storm several times the past five years and has made mistakes or as Progessive would put it " been given feedback" on my performance, and improven. I have had the "bad managers" and the good managers. Luckily I do have good ones now. I am not afraid to be honest on the OE survey because why wouldn't I be, I am a hard working person and regardless of our economy I will survive with or without Progressive but preferably with Progressive. I am not just here for the paycheck, I am here because at the end of the day if I need to go to my sons basketball game at 4:30 I am able to. Start looking at what Progressive does, not what they don't.
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