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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance3
Career Growth4
Work Environment4

From Dallas, TX — 05/30/2006

Pay-To work in this company you have to be vigorous about asking for what you're due. I have been with the company for a little over 3 yrs and have gotten 6 blocks. Did I bug the hell out of my manager and teamleader everyday until I got it? Yes I did.
Respect: You have to demand respect at any job.
Job Security-I'm not going anywhere
Work/Life Balance-I don't know how else to make some of you youngin's understand. You are at work to WORK, not talk or text on your cell phones or gossip at the nearest cube. Get yourself in the ZONE and the work load will not be unbearable. I'll admit the first 8 months was a major struggle for me. I did work overtime and weekends just to get the bare minimum done. But I promsie you that if you just hang in there you will get it! All of a sudden you will be able to take an hour lunch with co-workers at an actual restaurant and leave 10 minutes early on occasion.
Career Potential/Growth=Now I have felt burned in this catagory. I have been the top candidate several times but for some reason lost out on a T/L promotion to someone who was not deserving. I stopped getting mad about this though as soon as I realized that I have a 12% gainshare target and make just as much if not more than most of the teamleaders. And best of all I rarely feel stressed because I just have to worry about ME!
Location-The commute kinda sux but I live in the boondocks plus that is what carpools are for right?
Co-worker competence-I'm actually pleasantly surprised at how well people are trained at Progressive and I really feel like we are some of the best trained in the industry. I laugh when I deal with claims reps from other companies. I wonder if they ever had any training at all.
Work Environment-I absolutely love the people I work with, managers and teamleaders included. We have a good time.
Just an FYI, hang in there all of you frustrated folks. I promise it gets better.
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