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From OH — 12/11/2009

Have been with a few major companies in my 25 plus years in IT. None holds a candle to Progressive. I was quite happy with my salary when hired on six years ago, then blown away by a five figure gainshare check at the end of my first year. When HR and my hiring manager mentioned gainshare, I kind of filed it away in the back of my mind like "sure - the company will add a few dollars a year to an IRA somewhere, and after many years, I can cash it in and buy a couple of six packs." Wow was I wrong. Trust me, I've worked for several fortune 500 companies, and Progressive is the best by far. Happy holidays to all Progressive employees, and for the disgruntled few on here, I wish you happy holidays too, with a hope that you can find a new job in a company nearly as good as Progressive.
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