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From cleveland, ohio — 09/07/2009

Progressive was a phenomenal place to learn, and grow. It mirrors our overregulated society and has ceased to be the meritocracy it once was. There are three main challenges to the organization which must be changed for it to attain the stock burning status once achieved: a) we need a summary change in our CEO. Glenn is a brilliant tactician and kind leader, but lacks any motivating or strategic ability. We will not achieve growth and innovation through the continued slicing of pricing in the auto and commercial products. Our filings are copied and others are now beating us at our own game. We need to innovate, it's what we do, and have done from the CEO to the administrative assistants for the last 40 years. We need a leader, a visionary, someone to take the incredible talent we contain and turn it loose on the industry to win, not just protect their jobs and discuss pricing through 50 page powerpoint presentations. Glenn's brilliant, but not the motivator the organization needs to move forward. Board...make the tough choices. b) we have to invest in growth beyond our auto charter. Many on this site would argue the contrary, but we have the brightest minds in pricing and claims in the industry. Spend some of our capital on a regional insurer that compliments our lines of coverage. If we spend five hundred million on another company and the partnership doesn't thrive, we can still sell it for five hundred million and say we tried. Try Board, make the effort, shoot for the moon. We need to package or commit to being a 15 billion dollar auto carrier with a mediocre pe ratio, and finally c) we need to remove the lawyer driven environment which controls our ability to create content, customer products, and high performance environments (try to performance manage someone with 10 years tenure). Lawyers support the business environment, they don't delay and run it.

I love this place, and have for many years. Many executives have left Pgr for other companies, few have thrived. Primarily, they weren't surrounded with the talent and energy we have. It's a great place that's gone a little sideways. We need change, we need to be Progressive. If we can get some energy and direction at the senior levels (additional housekeeping needed with some folks trying to eek out a final 5 or 10 years), the pay, opportunities, development and other measured attributes will again exceed industry expectations.
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