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From Midatlantic — 02/04/2009

I've worked in multiple states in the Midatlantic Region, and I can this for certain....It is not Progressive that make this place stink - as many of you illiterate morons argue. Half of you complaining on here can't even put together a simple sentence, so no wonder you have no advancement to look forward to. Why not shup up, put in your time at the office, and then go home and make a life for yourself?? I'm sure 90% of the whiners on here spend all day on the net, the Progressive blog, or finding a way to "hide" in the field.

Another constant is that those that leave love the first few weeks, until they realize that there is no growth potential at any of these other companies they're going to - and now THEY are at the bottom of the totem pole!! Yeah, sounds like a great move. Kind of funny how most of those folks find their way back to good old Progressive!

If you hate it so much, leave! No one is making you stay and the rest of us will be happier when those who suck the enjoyment out of everything leave. Trust me, it just happened in my new office, and EVERYONE is 100% happier!

You want career potential and growth - Well Texas is hiring non-stop. Put on a cowboy hat and head for the plains!

Work Environment is what YOU make it. Again, if you don't enjoy it, go find something else that you do enjoy doing. Same with respect....I'm sure that those complaining about how bad, incompetent, and pathetic their co-workers and managers are don't show any respect to anyone else. If you don't show any, why should you get any in return?

And finally, if you want to talk about job security, go find a friend or relative who's in banking, real estate, construction, etc, and ask how secure they are. You might be surprised that they've already lost their jobs. No one is taking out huge loans, building new neighborhoods, or worrying about the hot new investment. But, thank goodness, most of those same people still don't know how to drive - there is our job security!!! Feel bad for those on your claims, and treat them well, but realize that they are calling you all day because they don't have a job to keep them busy.

**Oh, and for those of you who think that there really are this many more people who hate working here than enjoy it, remember that you don't have to prove where you work to put in a review of any company. There are plenty of hiring managers at GEICO, Travelers, et al, who would love nothing more than to steal you from Progresive and pay you a little more than you are making now. What they won't tell you is that although you may be doing an "easier" job, you'll be handling 100 times more of those "easy" claims than you were here. Although they are paying you more, your "raises" for the next 4 to 5 years were used to get you in door - and you won't see a pay increase until the time you're ready to retire.

So bring it on all you haters! I am sure that plenty of you will have something amazingly witty and profound to say. However, I'll point you back to my main point -> If you hate it so much, get out. All you're doing is delaying your happiness, and ruining the rest of our's in the meantime.
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