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From Riverview — 12/06/2008

It has always shocked me that people will complain about various things at Progressive. Not paid enough, poor benefits, no respect, etc. Yet many co-workers will do anything they can to slack on the job, pass work to others work, etc. You want Progressive to give 110% ,yet you only want to give Progressive 80%. Also when you "act complete" a work item or ignore something that a NI wants done, you are hurting some other working stiff out there, who is just trying to have insurance coverage on their vehicle. And we all know they look at "numbers", like it or not, think it is fair or not, that is what they look at...... Yet you knowingly let your numbers drop and then complain. It also shocks me that people will talk about fear of lay offs, paying bills, the economy, yet they will jump at "low inventory" to go home without pay. AHHHHHHHHHH . I hear it every 2 weeks, People get their paychecks and blame Progressive for sucky pay, until I remind them that they took low inventory without pay. DAHHHHH. LOW IQ or what. You do not work you do not get paid, what is hard to understand about that? And when it comes to lay off time. who do you REALLY think it would be more profitable to keep, the person that calls in sick 1 day a week and when they are there the numbers show they work at 75% or are they going to keep the person that is there full time and working an 100% or more. It is going to get competitive in the next few years in ALLL markets. SO shut up! Get to work!
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