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4.5Rating Details
Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth4
Work Environment5

From Gulf — 06/13/2008

as a preface, i've stuck with the company for almost 10 years - started out in claims & hated it. HATED it. did that for a few years then was jerked around during several team leader interviews. i didn't drink the then-managers kool-aid, so, despite knowing more about claims handling and/or efficiency/processes than any other candidates, i knew i was definitely wasting my time. eventually i got smart & went to a specialized unit, which i now LOVE. am actually treated like an adult, given the autonomy to handle claims within my skillset and am given (and give) respect by/to my mangagement & co-workers. i couldn't be happier right now. yes, i looked for jobs several times in the past, but since i've been out of the initial claims handling unit & that micro-management-microscopic-audit garbage, i'm a completely different employee and person. i appreciate my job and have time to spend with friends & family without waking up in a cold sweat thinking i've screwed sometihng up. all my ratings are based on my current situation, otherwise, i'm sure they'd be similar to 90% of the other postings here.
pay: pretty darn good. i am consistently surprised at my managers going to bat for me
for salary/benefits, etc. i know i am very lucky in this regard.
respect: my opinions/input is valued. yes, i know i don't have the final say, but i am,
9 times out of 10, asked for my input before claim decisions are made. mgrs
never fail to say thank you for hard work & how much we are appreciated
benefits: excellent. i can't stress this enough. i incurred a ton of medical bills
& both progressive benefits dept & the health insurance carrier bent over
backward to make sure i was taken care of
job security: good. i think. yes, i hear the rumors. i don't think anyone really knows!
work/life balance: much better now. sure, i work late every now & again but i did that
at my old job pre-progressive. organization plays a HUGE role in
getting work accomplished
career potential/growth: ah. the million dollar question. i suppose if i was willing to
move, i could find something, but since i'm not, i can't
really complain here. i have moved up rather quickly, though.
location: outstanding
co-worker competence: there are some co-workers who could probably learn a few more
things to make everyone's job easier. actually, not sure if its
lack of knowledge or laziness & i don't really care. i just
appreciate it when they work just as hard as i am
work environment: excellent - my management group has an open door policy & (to my
knowledge so far) don't hold those type situations against you
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