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4.8Rating Details
Job Security4
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth5
Work Environment5

From Cleveland, Ohio — 06/11/2008

Pay: Competitive pay - plus employees who strive to excell may be given a midyear bonus! Gainshare is great too - mind you it may not be as big this year as it has been in the recent past - but I am grateful to be working at Progressive.

Respect: I personally feel I am respected by my co-workers and management. You have to give respect to earn respect.

Benefits: Great! Tons of options - I may be a little worried if we are really going to 80/20 plans for everyone.....The 100% plan gives me piece of mind.

Job Security: I have been an employee for almost six years and have loved every minute of it. I have always felt very secure with the company but recently have been a little nervous due to the lay offs last year. However, I will still continue to go above and beyond and strive to excell.

Work/Life Balance: Terrific! My managers actually encourage and support a healty balance!

Career/Potential Growth: I started at Progressive in an entry level position. I applied myself everyday, adapted to the work environment and worked like crazy to do my best. It's one thing for someone to come to work and do what there JO's entails - it's a totally different story to come in and do MORE then your JO's more rewarding. Everyone is venting "My job stinks" or "My raise was horrible" or "I am not appericiated" but did anyone stop and think "What could I have done differently this year to better myself and grow my career?" Well maybe they should.

Location: Perfect.
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