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From Arizona — 05/21/2008

I don't know how to address the negativity surrounding Progressive, I guess I will chalk it up to you get paid to a job that is not fun! However, i get paid well and I like my co-workers. I've thought about going elsewhere during the 2.0 phase just because opportunity seems to be drying up. But really, Progressive is a great company. My ideas are respected and I can pretty much do whatever I want as long as my job gets done(Which is easy to do when you know how to effectively and effciently handle claims and manage your diary). So, when it comes to a corporate job, Progressive is truly one of the best. If I left I wouldn't be a part of the young atmosphere created at Progressive. The work environment in our state is very positive, our state comes up with many new initiatives to perfect our environment from claims assignment to personal health and wellness. My managers and team leaders care about me, and the regional manager is a sometimes brutal but at least he is honest. I can't think of another company I would want to work for in this field. Progressive is second to none when it comes to claims handling and if you can keep up with the inventory you will easily stay afloat in your workload. So to all those haters, take a step back and look at people who work for other companies...the grass is not greener on the other side, cause it is still grass, and someone has to mow it!
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