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Job Security3
Work/Life Balance2
Career Growth3
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From CA, KS — 02/27/2008

Pay: on the low side for the industry and what the company expects us to accomplish. However, I feel we are compensated fairly well with other areas considered (ie: benefits). I do feel, however, that gainshare should not be part of the "salary" but an actual bonus.
Respect: office politics and cliques happen, it's life.
Benefits: awesome health plans and other options
Job security: fair, turn over seems fairly high, esp. in CA. When tenure gets up there they try to get you to quit in other ways rather than fire you(ie: unfair performance evals, low if any raises, etc)
Work/Life Balance: I feel that they expect you to put your job above all else much of the time
Career Growth: states like CA w/high turnover have higher room for growth. KS and other stagnant states look to get people to quit as mentioned above - no growth. The good news is that the industry is always changing.
Location: they pretty much rock at getting you wherever u want to go if you're a decent employee. Many opportunities around the country.
Co-worker Competence: you can't control someone elses competencies. With tenure comes competency.
Work Env.: CA has made some huge improvements over the last few years and it's great. Other states (ie: KS) are behind the times and big on degradation, work coming before all else, and the "poop rolls down hill" mentality.
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