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From louisiana — 02/12/2008

i have been with the company for about 5 mnths now in small town lousiana and to be quite frank life is good. if u are not afraid of hard work, and can manage your time this is the job for you. i have a backgound in management and know that you can move up in this company with the right attitude and the right skills. i have a few co-workers that have a negative attitude about the company, but its basically because they made themselves have that attitude as they sit there and be negative all day long, once you ignore them and just do what you do, life and the job are great. all my other coworkers are all positive and they make my job upbeat. once at work i am able to control my own work day, however as with any jobs, deadlines and procedures must be met, but what job doesnt? i was reading a couple of the posts, and reading about how the job made people hate their lives, which reminds me a lot of a few of my co-workers, but again its because they sit there and make their lives miserable. think about it-if u sit there all day and complain and bicker and complain, and whine, of course your gonna hate your life and your job
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