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Job Security3
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth4
Work Environment3

From mayfield OH — 12/24/2007

This place has it's ups and downs - that's for sure. Mgmt competency can definitely be better... i mean this from the bottom up, but the cause, i think, is lack of leadership from the top down.
In Customer Service, the managers really don't get to manage. Intead, they have to meet the all important numbers, that really do not define quality of service.
I've been in several positions within the company, and overall, I have to say that I am satisfied, but I will admit that I haven't been exposed to other corporate environments.
Over the last 6 months, I have come very close to leaving based on underappreciation and quite honestly, lack of understanding, of what I work on day-to-day. I can say that my manager thanks me for doing a good job -- but the manager does not really have an understanding of the work in which I do a good job. As you could imagine, that is both good and bad within itself. I think the organizational structure needs improving and do not blame my immediate mgr for this.
I feel that I am underpaid with base salary, as compared to market, but tuition reimbursement and gainshare do help out.
I think that I get a good amount of respect and have a great working relationship with my business customers, but it kind of lacks withing mgmt.
Benefits are good.
Job security is not as good as I felt it was before, but I do not feel in danger.
I feel that work/life balance is encouraged -- a view not shared by many others. I guess knowingly differ here.
Career potential has been good in the past, but not sure how good it will be in the future.
Love the location.
I enjoy working with my co-workers, and would not use this forum to question the competency of my peers.
Work enviroment is weakening, but still not all that bad.
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