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From Mayfield Village, Oh — 12/18/2007

I am a 16 year veteran and a current PGR employee. I am a PM (Level 49) who recently assumed responsibility for direct business in addition to my Agency states. I am over paid, under challenged, receive a huge bonus with restricted stock and options anddon't really do anything. I work from (9:30 am until about 2:45 pm, when I go the the fitness center for about an hour an a half. I am not the only one. Everyone at Campus 2 works the same schedule.

Work life balance is awsome here. So is the pay. Nothing is required of me and performance management is nothing more than how well you suck up to your manager. All you really have to do at PGR is send out a lot of emails, copy everyone and show up at 4 hour meetings where nothing is accomplished.

While I like the pay and work life, I realize that this is unsustainable. No company can survive like this.

I have minimal exposure to Renwick, but I see the former Drive President and his direct reports every day. These guys are completely dis-engaged, disinterested and do not give a rat's ass about this company. They can afford not to care.

I also work a lot with the "experience Team" who are supposed to improve customer experiences to keep customers from running from PGR like we have the plague. I have only been involved with this group for a month now, and I cannot tell if they are actually stupid people or if they try just aren't trying, but the woman who manages this group is a comlete disaster. She simply likes to hear herself talk... She can go on for two hours without saying anything. The funny thing is that all of her direct reports act like she is a prophet, giving them insight into the future.

Here is what the board needs to do:

1. Fire Renwick and disgorge him of the millions he has stolen from the company and shareholders.
2. Fire the senior management. The are ineffective and damaging to this once great company.
3. Stop the large IT project immediately.
4. Stop raising people's rates after the first term.
5. Reconcile with the agents. Kiss their asses and beg for forgiveness. Treat them with some respect and win them back.
6. Stop hiring the bottom 1% of the graduating classes from HBS, Wharton, Darden (my alma mater) and any other so called "Top 10" business school.
7. Start hiring smart, hungry grads from case and OSU and other local schools.
8. Listen to them
9. Recognize that 20 years at PGR doesn't make you 20 times smarter than everyone else.
10. Change the culture from backstabbing, cliques and fear to cooperation, shared responsibility and a sense of mission.

Otherwise, Geico will be taking this company over and moving it to Va.
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