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From Mayfield, Village — 12/03/2007

Too much sour grapes. I can come and go as I please, work from home if I have childcare issues. I work a lot, but I am respected and I respect everyone in the Organization. Hard/competent workers get paid fairly, with nice bonuses and gainsharing. I received two very rewarding bonuses for the work I did.

Work is work. If you work instead of play you get rewarded and move up. If you "slack" and just try to get by somebody notices and you won't grow. There are too many babies in today's workforce who cry over a little bit of work.

Progressive is just like any other Corporation job cuts are necessary to succeed long-term. I know some great talent that left from the RIF, but you know what, they can have a job any time. Why??? Because they are hard-working and dedicated employees.

Bottom line, Progressive isn't going anywhere but up.
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