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From Mayfield, OH — 12/02/2007

I like my job, and I feel like the RIF that just happened has been comming for over a year. We started reporting that the controls we all wrong last year. It just took this long to decide what to do about it.
I read things like "drink the blue koolaid", and just do what you are told. That is the kind of attitude that got us in this mess. Don't be a robot, we are paid to think. If the company is screwed up, then fix it. WE are the company. It takes all of us together to screw it up.
The RIF sucked but we were working on the wrong things. If fact we were working against each other.

We got so used to being the little company come to kick the big company's butt, that now that we are big we cannot figure out why we are getting our butt kicked. We fell into the same hole that all big companies fall into. The become bureaucratic, and lethargic. It was our agility and ingenuity that made us grow. It was the fire in Peter B's belly that made us want more.

Now we are just another big insurance company. That has to change, or we will rott like so many of our competitors. We got big and complicated. A huge sip that takes 587 steps to turn right. This RIF is a simplification. No internal competition, no more conflicting business goals.

The fact that we can figure this out and take steps to fix it, is encouraging. It shows an ability to heal. I think we will heal from this RIF like we did from the one in the early 90's. Many of those who were let go will be rehired under newly created jobs. We just have to get the ship turned and get it moving again.
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