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From New Jersey — 11/23/2007

I worked in HR at Progressive for 3 years and recently left the company to pursue a different industry, but still staying in HR. Progressive wasn't a bad company, just not a great one either. My experience was that I traveled a great deal (about 50%) often on short notice, which made it difficult to have any kind of life outside of work. I was also working about 60 hours a week (not including travel time) and had to tote that godforsaken laptop and cell phone everywhere. My new job offers me a 37.5 hour work week with no travel - and no laptop and cell phone to connect me 24/7 to anyone who needed me. I do miss my coworkers and boss, as they truly made life good at Progressive - some of us were more experienced than others in our field but it offered perspective and fresh thinking which is always good - but not one of us was incompetent. The business partners I had were a different story - I don't miss them a bit. The long hours I worked and pressure I was under were a direct reflection of their unreasonable expectations and demands. Thus, I looked for a new job.

The benefits were very good. Yes, the cost goes up every year but if you look at how much healthcare costs to begin with, you still are getting a bargain when you work for a large company like Progressive. I know people who have no insurance through their companies and pay about $700 a month for a comparable plan.

Job security is good in some areas and not good in others. I never worried about losing my job. I didn't have a whole lot of career potential there because there weren't alot of growth opportunities in my department, but that became less of a focus for me once I decided to leave anyway.

I think with all the posts on here, each person's perspective and experience is different so there's no point in bashing someone for his/her views as some have chosen to do. In a company as large as Progressive, you will have both good and bad so all points are valid. I don't harbor bad feelings toward the company as a whole, but I do wish that certain managers there would come down a peg on the ego trip - it would benefit them and their staff. I would come back to work for Progressive one day if the opportunity was right and certain management had shifted around. But for now, I'm happily plugging along.

The one lesson all of us should learn is this: To thine own self be true. Work hard because you have pride in yourself. If the company doesn't recognize you for it, it's unfortunate, but you shouldn't be working to impress them - work to impress yourself at how great you can be. My boss at Progressive fortunately recognized my hard work, but at the end of the day the only one's assessment who truly mattered to me was mine.
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