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From North — 10/03/2007

I just have to say that I understand both sides of the fence here. Yes it is a difficult job that can require long hours and you sometimes feel under appreciated, but I have been with the company left and came back because I learned first hand the grass is not always greener. My job when I left Progressive paid slightly more and had a standard 40 hr week where I was required to do much less work, however I was not challenged, had substandard management and once there I realized little career potential for growth. I came back to Progressive because I realized while gone that although challenging it was a much more satisfying job because of those challenges. I take pride in my work and really enjoyed my co-workers and felt I was contributing something in my job. No I did not drink the "kool-aid". I had a point where I got fed up and left but then realized that claims is claims, wherever... it is what you make of it and how you want to approach your job and those you are serving (i.e. customers) that makes the job bearable or unbearable. Since coming back I have noticed a lot of changes in the way management is responding to reps in the offices and do believe they are making a good effort to make things better. The new role-outs have severly decreased what a generalist is responsible for vs. PCS and I have actually heard managers tell reps to go home if they are still there after 5 (and no this is not CA, so there is no hidden overtime agenda). I know a lot of other reps who left the company that I kept in contact when I left, and a lot of them are really no happier in their new positions and are job hunting again. There will always be accidents, so yes we will always be busy. Personally I am happier having something to do with my day, I tried the "easy" job and was constantly bored. Say what you will, but if you look at the other Ins. companies on jobvent most of the complaints seem very similar, I do not feel it is an issue with the company, but rather that some people are just not cut out to work in this everchanging, busy work environment.
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