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From CO — 10/02/2007

I wasn't going to comment because I like many people think that there are some people who will vent about anything because they are whiney and that is what they do - but I changed my mind because I happen to be very invested in this company (ie I am a little higher up and have been around for awhile) and know it from several angles which I think gives me a better perspective than most.

It is 100% true that Progressive (claims specifically) is a challenging job where you have to be extremely organized, efficient and frankly a hard worker to succeed. My question is at what point did you think you could get a great salary, benefits and an great opportunity to move up quickly without these demands? I have seen a ridiculous number of reps come and go who came in with this entitlement attitude that they should be able to do a half-a$$ job for 8 hours a day (maybe) and get paid $50k within a year or two - to which I have to ask who told them that this is how it works?

If you want to screw around on the internet all day, have low standards set for you and watch the clock go to any other insurance company. You'll also be doing the same job 10 years from now. I have had countless coworkers do exactly this - chasing the easier job for a few more thousand a year. But 5 and 10 years later the majority of them are insurance company hopping and are still in the same role.

If you want to bust your butt a little and move up quickly in my experience Progressive is a great place to be. I have never been bored, I am always challenged and the people they hire are high quality people which makes the hard work much more tolerable. Just my opinion based on my own experience obviously - it is not a place for everyone I agree with that.

And I personally wish the entitled early 20-something's that keep applying think twice because they just waste our time and money getting trained and quitting within 6 months because the work is too hard and scary. I recommend State Farm or AIG instead.
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