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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance3
Career Growth4
Work Environment5

From Midwest Claims — 03/30/2007

Pay is reasonable, not high, not terribly low - roughly equivalent to what I have seen offered by other employers. I've read it several times, respect is earned - when you voice opinions be constructive and offer solutions - don't just whine - have an idea of how to improve things. Benefits are the biggest dissappointment - sorry employees with families - you're too expensive to insure, we're going to raise premiums and co-pays every year and at a higher rate than your pay will increase. Job security is all I could ask for - show up, be honest, do your job and you'll have a paycheck for life. Work/life balance is horrible in some areas and average in others - I don't think it's good anywhere - a lot depends on the individual manager. Career growth potential is great, but you have to be willing to a) work hard, and b) leave your 5 mile radius comfort zone, for those wiling to move there is always the path to promotion. Many locations to work at all over the cournty. My co workers have tremendous experience including over 50 years of collision repair experience. My particular office has a great work environment. In closing I just need to say that I get very frustrated reading all of the slams - it seems like a lot of young people have no concept of what working in the real world is like, and feel that simply being held accountable to high standards is tantamount to being chained in a hellish dungeon and having fingernails pulled out. For all of you - GET A GRIP - Progressive is a big company that employs a lot of people, can it steal your soul - yes, if you let it. Can it be a place to earn an honest living and take care of your family? Just as certainly.
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