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From Florida — 03/17/2007

Progressive's dropping like a rock. Advertising is terrible. They put out 3 new commercials and send it to everyone to view like it's the greatest thing ever. Geico and the rest have adds EVERYWHERE, in magazines, TV, billboards. Progressive is not even in the game. I got a note from them that my personal auto insurance premium is being reduced. $50.00! Wow, now that's a savings. Glenn Renwick is in serious trouble. He needs to quit riding in his limo checking his CSC numbers and start realizing, CSC's do not make money. People aren't going to pay higher premiums for some CSC idea. Money talks. When people buy insurance they are looking to save money. They aren't thinking of the service when they have an accident. They don't plan on having an accident. Don't you get it Progressive? Money talks. It obviously talks with Progressive-- they aren't hesitating to cut costs and severence people to save a buck. If we are making money hand over fist, why aren't we seeing it in our stocks? Sounds like an Enron situation is brewing to me.
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