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From various — 02/04/2007

I have visited this site several times after finding it by accident and have decided that it's time to share some of the more of the POSITIVE things you will experience as a Progressive employee. PAY and BENEFITS: for those who suggest the pay is better elsewhere, you may be correct. However, when you calculate your entire benefits package including gainshare, company match on 401k, retirement (no cost to you) and the comprehensive but inexpensive health benefits Progressive offers, it's not even close. There is nothing better out there. JOB SECURITY: if you are driven to perform, you will have a career for as long as you like WORK/LIFE: if your time management skills are good and you actually CARE about what you are doing, it's not an issue. For those who say it is, I suggest you take a look at how you are spending your time and evaluate how efficient you really are CAREER POTENTIAL/GROWTH: limited by your own ability and determination. If you are stellar, you will be rewarded. It's true that it helps to be mobile and willing to relocate but even if you are not, this is an exciting time for the company and we are about to explode in size LOCATION: I suppose this varies for each region, but I have worked in several and have never had an issue. CO-WORKER COMPETENCE: I imagine that the least competent people at Progressive are the ones posting negative messages on this board. It always appears to be a mix in each region - just like any job. You have a percentage of top performers, a percentage of bottom dwellers and then the "masses" or "grinders". Top performers are ALWAYS rewarded. Bottom dwellers are weeded out, one way or the other. WORK ENVIRONMENT: Same as any other job - unless you work in Alaska, I suppose. ONE FINAL THOUGHT: There will be plenty of people out there who do not agree whith what I have said. That's cool. That's what makes life great. Everyone has a choice. I just want to make sure that everyone makes an INFORMED choice about Progressive. Don't beleive me? That's cool too. Just leaves more for those of us who love the job. Peace.
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