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From TN — 01/11/2007

I have worked at prg for 1 1/2 years now and before this job I had a career that laid me off continually and it was hard to make a living. I think that alot of the complaining I have read on this site is only half the story. None of you are innocent. If your management rated you would they say you suck. It all comes down to this; no job is stable, it is all about the bottom line not loyalty. If a company does not adjust to the market and profit margins no one will have job. I am sure many of you have been in horrible offices. I have spoken with some of you around the company from New York, Florida, to California and all states in between as I have been to 5 training classes in the past year. You will find these problems at any company in any profession. The is'nt always greener and remember it has to be mowed also. I have seen several go to traverlers or nationwide insurance only to beg for their job back. I like my job and I am greatful to have one. Our state has seen many cuts in the past year also, and they are not what anyone wanted but prog has to what it has to do. The weakest links have been let go. Be grateful for what you have. If keep chasing the perfect job you will look back in the future to only find alot of broken bridges and no paycheck. Overall progressive is a good company to work for.
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