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From midwest — 01/06/2007

I am a long time Prog employee. I agree with many of the other responses that Prog can beat you down. However, I have been at other insurance companies, and I have to say that Prog is the best I have found (at least in my town). I understand this is a site that allows you to vent, but really if you are that unhappy, Progressive isn't worth it! Now is the time that you need to find a new job... life is short, don't waste it a a job that makes you miserable! That being said...I love my job, but I hate my manager. I will use the wording from another review... he is a "frat boy". If you aren't a frat boy then he doesn't respect you. I get to read the work environment surveys, and I can honestly tell you that my manager ignores them! HR doesn't care either. The regional pretends to not see what is going on. If my manager ever gets promoted, there is going to be mass exodus! Luckily for me those who shouldn't be promoted always are... I wont have to deal w/ my manager much longer. Good luck to the rest of you!
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