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From Riverview, FL. — 08/30/2010

I have worked for Progressive for almost 8 years and have been loyal to the company as well as my customers. I used to love coming to work everyday because I loved the people, my manager, and the customers. There was a time when we as customer service representatives were able to put the customer first but that time has passed. Progressive is so focused on all these "initiatives" that they have forgotten what the real focus should be..... our customers. Having been with the company as long as I have it actually saddens me to see the direction we have taken. I prided myself on being an employee and even got an auto policy with Direct. I used to be able to make call backs to customers and or agents regarding situations and was given ample time to do what needed to be done in order to create a loyal satisfied customer. Now all there is... is fear. Our new required stat bench marks do not allow for the great customer service experience I was once able to give. I now have to tell customers to call back instead of me calling out to them in fear of ruining my numbers. I have never been put on a Final Warning or for that matter a Written Warning during my entire career with Progressive pertaining to any type of performance issues until recently. I have not had a one on one or any manager talk since February of this year and find it absolutely appalling that I would be put on a Final after many proven years of great service. I have watched many great employees leave and have watched many get fired who have been with the company for awhile ever since these new stats were put in place. I am not one against change and have supported Progressive through out the years on their various changes. Even when the company split in two and I felt it was not going to be beneficial I supported it... Now look at us trying to put ourselves back together again. All the people in corporate who are making these changes do not take phone calls from customers on a daily basis. I do. The people don't really care about the Loyalty Program, filling out surveys, FLO, or wether or not we have their email. What they care about is the PRICE, GREAT SERVICE, AND FOR US TO BE THERE WHEN THEY NEED US, regardless of how many minutes I might have to be in AUX 4 talking to the DMV to help them fix it. I used to come to work happy and ready to start my day. Now I feel sick and start to freak out if a typing request is going to take longer than 5 minutes for me to finish. I miss the Old Progressive. The Progressive that really did care and did not make it's employees feel like they were actually in a call center.

Overall: The pay is pretty good compared to similiar positions, coworkers are great but burnt out, most Managers are pretty good but some I'd steer clear of, Benefits are ok..

I have been searching for other jobs due to all the changes and the fact that there is NO GROWTH potential within the company now, nor has there been for quite a few years. If you are needing a job that will give you experience then Progreesive will due that for you and the start pay is not all that bad. New Hire trainers are pretty knowledgable and you will get some good call experience before being thrown out onto the floor. If you get burnt out easily doing the same thing over and over again and do not like being micro managed and having everything you do watched, as they do record every where you go on the company computer then you might not be happy here.
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