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3.1Rating Details
Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth2
Work Environment3

From Lake Mary, Fl — 07/31/2008

Pay is about the norm for a call center. Respect from the company is what you would expect and a little more but depending on your manager and team lead, will depend on how well you are liked and how much you care about how much you are liked. Benefits are great for a single person but for a married person the health insurance is kind of like senior ciizens choosing their medicine over their groceries. Job Security is very good if you arent a moron but even then its hard to get fired. Work life balance is great. Alot of shifts for everyone. Never had to work a shift I did not want. Career growth is like, just like other call centers, not what you know but who you know. At this particular location the more diverse (and gay) you are the more likely you will get a job and be advanced through the ranks. The location is good, not in a crime ridden area although you do have to brave the worst of the worst traffic everyday going and coming. Co-worker competence is dismal at best. On top of a month of training, when new hires come to the floor everyone gets to help train them and this effects your stats. It seems as if there arent any smart people being hired, but that probably goes back to the diversity related/oriented goals when it comes to hiring. The work environment is dated for a multibillion dollar fortune 500 company. The bathrooms are dirty and have structural defects (concrete slab broke underneath the floor) and just the entire interior of the building feels like the 80's. Good place to work not a dream job but it will do especially during these times.
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