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From Los Angeles, CA — 04/19/2009

I spent more than 4 years with PwC and, unlike many here, did not leave hating it or the partners. (It may have helped that I left on my own terms.) I thought the pay and benefits were fair -- higher than industry but commensurate with the expectations and hours worked. There were lots of opportunties to learn and grow. The parts that were not so good were the sales-based culture and the palpable sense of greed that permeated the partnership. At the end of the day, it was all about money -- selling jobs, managing revenue, billing hours, and making sure you were positioned to get the big year-end bonus. Client service, engagement quality, and doing the right thing, were not big on the radar screen.

I believe that PwC is not as bad as some accounting firms, and perhaps better than most. I would recommend it as a place to start a career, perhaps to make manager. But then if the partner track is not obviously on your agenda, get out and find a good position within industry or on your own. It's no place to be if the constant sacrifices won't be rewarded.
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