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From Vancouver — 06/02/2008

I recently left PwC after a number of years there. PwC has great benefits, average pay for junior staff, great pay for senior staff, and a strong team of intelligent driven individuals. The organization is built on Type A personalities which makes for stimulating and enjoyable work but also means that people are quite willing to sacrifice their lives and do anything to get promoted. Work life balance is touted but not really practiced. It depends a lot on the partner to whom you report. Don't count on the bonus. If you are lucky enough to get one, it is peanuts compared to the effort you put into earning it.

Why I left – got a huge raise and am doing interesting specialized work and virtually no overtime/weekends/stat holidays. Was informed I was well on track for promotion several times during the course of my last year there, until a week before official process began and then the winds changed, without explanation and in spite of above average performance ratings for almost every single project since my last promotion. In the months that followed, my coach (the person who guides you through goal setting and is your advocate during the big review meeting) then suggested I seek out a new coach (fired by my coach - ouch!).

What I miss – some really nice people and an organization that understands strategy and puts effort into achieving that. Also some good perks and a recognition of the need to engage employees (which is still a work in progress but there are mechanisms for feedback and genuine attempts to make people happy through improving benefits etc in my opinion). The organization clearly understands the need to invest in their staff in terms of professional development, conferences, professional certification, etc, and is quite willing to spend that kind of money on staff.

What I don’t miss – dysfunctional performance review process. Setting aside my own experience, I sat through performance reviews last year and heard rave reviews about a junior staff by everyone in the room, including a strong recommendation for promotion. That individual was NOT promoted as the decision ultimately is made by the partners in a second meeting that follows the big group review session – which begs the question what is the value of the whole process if the partner can undermine it all based on whim? Also don’t miss working every stat holidays, constant pressure for utilization, nor a few of the hyper-competitive "would sell my mother for admission to partnership" colleagues. Oh yes, and the humongous egos and pomposity of 99% of the partners.
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