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From Tampa, Florida — 06/20/2007

I personally have been with the firm a couple of years. It is definately a very challenging environment. The expectations are very high, and pressure to continually grow your performance is ever present. PwC hires top talent and fully exploits them to meet the needs of the business. Yes, it is a patnership and that has it's pros and cons. However, PwC rewards it's top performers very well, and that goes from the top on down. Everything is what you make it and I personally, though having had to face challenges at PwC, view it as an excellent place to work. The benefits are strong, the pay is above industry norms and there is a big push for "Work / Life Balance". However, you are ultimately in charge of your career, be it in promotions, advancement, time off, continuing education, etc. You must be capable of setting boundaries and sticking to them. The Firm has a way of burning out the highest calaber employees whom lack the ability to say 'no'. Ultimately, I could land another job in a second... but I am happy where I am... at the moment ;-) .
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