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From Canton OH — 08/11/2010

Been here a few weeks now, and i have to say, its actually a good job. With tips + $1 delivery mileage, you will end up making between 13-15 dollars per hour on a good night, and even on a bad night, your still making 10-12.

Have been on the closing shift thus far, so it does effect my social life, but whenever you need time off, you will be able to get it. Manager / Shift leaders so far have been friendly, and willing to help you learn. Just ask, and they are there for you, Co-workers the same, all know there job, all there when needed, all easy to get on with. No complaints here either. The location is minutes away from the expressway, so its easy to get too. Average hours per week 20-30, so its not too shabby for a part time job. With football season coming up, those hours will shoot up from what ive been told.

The major challenge so far, has been to find all the little streets ive never heard of, but if unsure of where to go, ive asked, and been given the best route to get there.

So far, a great place to work!
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