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From Sherwood, Arkansas — 09/17/2009

I really like this job as a driver. I just wish that it could support me. I only work part time but if I did work full time it would add hours where I was inside the store. When I do make good money(can't count on it every night), it is doing delivery. It seems like good money but if you were to break it down where you paid for the actual cost of your vehicle, it's not. It is like any other delivery job, you are liquidating your vehicle. It is good if you cna't manage your money and need money on a daily basis.
The store manager there is terrific. She has things under control. I have worked at two other stores in my area. The manager makes or breaks the store. I dont see why Pizza Hut lets the bad mangers stay at the store when there are so many people needing jobs right now.
Anyway I enjoy working at this store. But customers are not reliable to tip. Some think that 2.00 fee goes to the driver. It don't. We get about 85cents for one delivery. Many times it takes more gas than 85cents to drive to the customer and back. They try to combine two deliveries at one time and reduce the fuel money from 85cents to about 72cents. But if each customer is in a different direction, you sure dont save any gas. Usually I spend a little more than what they give me for gas. Usually I can make at least 10.00 per night in tips but past of this goes for gas. Part goes into oil since my vehicle uses oil. There are good nights where I can make 45.00 in tips and get 15.00 in fuel money. So after using 22.00 in actual fuel and one quart of oil, I can clear 37.00. This is in addition to my hourly wage that's about 7.xx per hour.
Only working 15-25 hours per week, even if tips are on the good side, this does not allow enough to rent even the cheapest mobile home or apartment in the area. I chose that is location is not good, but that is because the area has expensive homes so this job will not pay enough to live close. This job will not pay enough to make a vehicle payment. Why don't people tip? It can be pouring raining, you get a HOT pizza to someone really quick, and they dont' tip. That is sad. But I like driving all over the area. I get to see places in my home area that I have never seen(lived here my whole life).
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