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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth5
Work Environment5

From Livonia, MI — 07/14/2008

Pay: I'm simply annoyed that I get paid the same amount or less as fellow managers who do a horrible job and have far less respect and dedication to the job and the boss. I do pretty well for myself, though.

Respect: There's trouble with co-workers when it comes to telling them to do their jobs right, but I feel very much respected by those I enjoy and my Area Coach. He gave me a thank you card.

Benefits: The only benefit I care about at this point in time is the 401(k), which I am taking full advantage of. I automatically got life insurance when I got promoted. Whatever. Health insurance, I hear, is pretty crappy, but I don't need it so I don't mind.

Job Security: If you're good at your job, if you work a lot of hours, if you're there to help when they need someone, you're all set. Around here, anyway.

Work/Life Balance: My RGM is very lenient about scheduling, often to his own disadvantage. He'll schedule around anything you need off, so there's really no complaining to be had on my part. Especially since I have no life outside work.

Career Potential: They say there're endless opportunities in Yum Brands. If you're good at your job, you can get promoted assuming there're open positions. Simple as that. If you're not good enough, shut up.

Location: It's located in a nicer part of a nice city. Safe. Fairly close to my home. Whatever.

Competence: This is where I have a lot of frustration. I work with young people who don't understand the concept of working hard regardless of how trivial the job may seem. It's mostly just a couple individuals that refuse to respect anyone but the RGM. I'll deal with them later.

All in all, I love my job. I'm a hard worker and I feel rewarded for it. So there.
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