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From Nationwide — 09/21/2009

I am a 25 year employee in the service division of DMT. I've worked for many different managers, directors and have seen change in corporate structuring many times, some good and some not so good but PB has always been aggressive in keeping up with current economic trends. The current one is proving just as tough for us as it is for ALL other industries however PB is maintaining and continuing to position it to remain on the cutting edge. This does mean trimming fat. It hurts and Iíve seen many good people lose their positions. PB has made every attempt to relocate them.

The swing in the economy has meant the downsizing or outsourcing for several of our customers as well however the work is still there, it's just being outsourced to another shop so PB still has opportunity to capitalize on that movement.

Throughout my career, my superiors have always afforded me the opportunity to advance myself. I have never seen anyone denied any opportunities. The tenure is very high on the service end. Even tenure on the sales end of PBDMT is quite high.

I've worked for a few managers that lacked basic management skills but that is what you get for being in a job as long as I have. This in no way takes away any of the great things PBDMT is and has done in the industry. It's a great job, a great employer and I would highly recommend PBDMT to anyone of my close friends and relatives. Pay is good and benefits are outstanding.
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