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3.4Rating Details
Job Security4
Work/Life Balance2
Career Growth2
Work Environment4

From Canton, MI — 11/16/2009

I've been here for about a year and its progressively got worse. When I started out I was treated nicely and everyone was willing to help. Over time everyone just became grouchy and there became groups amoung coworkers. The people who have been there the longest think they are better than everyone else and try to tell you what to do even if they aren't a manager, but then go right around and do the exact opposite of what they tell you to do. If you think you may be sick EVER then don't work here. The manager will give you hell, but then two days later will leave 5 hours early because they "have a headache" Also, don't plan on having a social life because you can work anywhere from 4am-10pm and you will work stupid 3 hr shifts everyday. Plus they are understaffed every week day and overstaffed every weekend. They recently took away our day stockers and only one person closes every night, usually a cashier, leaving them to ring up all the customers who decide to stay after close, take out trash, do go backs, get carts, and face the store. Also, you have to clean up dog crap/pee for customers who think they are too good to clean it up.

As for my ratings:
The pay is decent for being a cashier with no experience. Started above minimum wage and got raises after 6 months and 1 year.

You are respected by fellow coworkers of equal status. As for managers and people with seniority forget it.

I don't use their benefit program so i don't know how good it is.

Job security is pretty good. Pretty much if you do your job and don't give any of the managers attitude you are alright.

Work/life balance sucks. They are open 365 days of the year (if you are petcare) and you can work from 4 am to 10 pm and schedules vary.

Career potential/ growth also sucks. If you want to be a store manager or ops manager you have to be there for about 4-5 years and wait until the previous one quits to have an opportunity to get promoted. Any other manager position is hourly and sucks. You will be the store managers bitch and if you are the store manager you will be the district managers bitch.

Location is good for me. 10 min away

Co-worker competence is great amoung certain coworkers. Again there are certain groups.

The work environment is pretty good. Store is kept nice and clean, fun with certain animals, and people customers are generally friendly.
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