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From GA — 10/24/2009

Ever since Petsmart opened near my house i have visited and shopped there numerous times. I absolutely loved the animals and associates. So one day i applied for pet care specialists. Sure enough i got it in AUG 09. I started out making 7.50per hr. which yes, was lower than my last job but i wanted the job. I have a wonderful PC manager and when she wasnt busy she helps me on things that need to be done. yes workin in the pet care can be demanding and ive read those other post bout how 'awful' it is. Well its not company, its the workers. i enjoy petcare and believe it or not i like scrubbin those tanks and doing the beddings. I do get wet sometimes and my back might hurt but its for the animals and your getting paid while having fun playing w the animals. Now its Oct 09 and the managers of the store are promoting me to support manager. making over 10 an hr. w/ all the benefits and bonuses. and i havent even made it past my 3 months. i am also 19. i have been to college, got my Certified Nursing license and was taking Cosmetology but dropped it bc i have decided to stay at petsmart. also i have worked in retail for 3 yrs and 2 of the 3 been part of supervisor/management team.
mayb some ppl arent giving it 110% or being 'unleashed'
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