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From Hickory, NC — 09/11/2009

I have worked at Petsmart for 2 years now. They actually pay well compared to other retail places I've worked at. They have excellent benefits. I am full time, I get medical, dental, life insurance, vision, STD and LTD, 401K that Petsmart matches, holiday pay, vacation pay and discretionary pay. Part time people get some vacation pay and medical insurance is also offered. Since I am full time I am promised at least 36 hours a week, part timers on the other hand aren't promised a certain amount. They could get scheduled 10 hours one week and 30 the next. One thing this company is big on that I hate is cutting hours. I understand that in this economy they are losing money, but I know they make more than enough and do not have to cut hours. I believe they cut hours to keep their pockets fat, by they I mean corporate. I also think it was a stupid idea of have a computer do all the schedules. It seems to be more work for my managers and it could have someone stay until 8pm and then be back the next morning at 3am for stocking. As far as career growth, it is minimal, but still there. I have moved up 2 times since I've been there. The next step would be for Support Manager or Pet Products Manager once there is a need. Support Manager wouldn't be so bad, 8 hour days and not a lot of headache. Pet Products Manager is a stocking manager, on delivery days they are required to be there unthinkably early. Pet Product Manager as well as all others, except Support Managers, work 10 hour days. I have no desire to be to work at 3 or 4 am and work until 1pm or 2pm. Since I would have to work as a Pet Products Manager before moving on to another manager, there is no oppurtunity for growth in my eyes. As far as location goes, I live about 45 minutes away from work, so for me it's not good. The store is located in a good area of Hickory though, which is a larger city than where I live. Over all, I believe the majority of my co-workers do an excellent job. I can honestly say that I have no beef with anyone I work with. There is one manager that can be very rude and heartless at times, but that's just her and you learn to avoid her on days she is in a bad mood. One reason why I wanted to work at Petsmart was because I loved animals. I get to see a lot of animals every day and for the most part it's enjoyable. What happens a lot is that customers bring in there pets and do not clean up after them. Petsmart provides oops stations because we know dogs have accidents. I hate how so many customers are rude enough to not clean up after their pets and expect employees to do it. That has not made me dislike animals, it makes me dislike people more than I used to. One last thing I want to comment on; Several months ago our registers were redesigned. Whoever designed them must never of used them. They are very crowded, the conveyer belt is poorly designed. It stops at an awkward angle and you have to bag and move everything to an area with very little room. The metal prongs that hold up the bags also get in the way if you need to step out to scan an item in a cart. it gets very hot when you are standing behind the registers especially on a warm day because Arizona(where our A/C is controlled) keeps the air up way too high. You get trapped in there a lot, if a customer is taking there sweet time and left their cart in front of the only exit. It's also stupidly designed for when a manager brings you change. They can't really get to the drawer to put the money in without being in someone else's way.
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