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From Tampa, Fl — 07/27/2009

I've worked with Petsmart for over 3 years. I have been at 3 different stores so far because I have moved around a lot. Management really makes a big difference, if you are stuck with a bad management team- you are going to hate working here. But if it is a good one, you will love it. I have had my share of bad and good managers and have pretty much just pushed through. After 3 years, I still haven't gotten over a dollar raise total from what I've started. You only get 15 cent raises at the first 3 months, 6 months and then just 25 cents once a year after that. I worked in petcare, and the work is rediculously repetitive, and its a lot of hands-on work. Customers can be irratating, and even ignorant at times. I don't mind working here through high school and college, but its too much of a pain to ever think about continuing. Managers have absolutely no job security. You're safer as an associate. I've had 7 different store managers since I started, all getting fired for different reasons about every 6 months or so!
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