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From wilkes-barre, Pa — 12/31/2008

Pay was great as a salon mgr. We had stipends and bonuses and the way the corp made it happen was ingenious. All depts were tied together for the quarterly bonuses and this encouraged everyone in the store to work together.
With the store managers I had the respect was teriffic. My opinions and suggestions were welcomed and were given respect and consideration. I was allowed to run my salon the way I saw fit as long as I followed the safety rules. It was like having my own business but without all the headaches. The more I put into it, the more I got out of it.
Benefits are very good but I seldom used them.
Job security was good as long as I did my job. Never felt threatened by that.
I made the schedule and I could accommodate everyone as best as possible. Due to my flexibility, if I needed some coverage, they were all willing step up and help. I had a wonderful team in the salon and a wonderful store manager.
I could have gone on to manage in the retail part of the store if I so desired but my love is grooming and I loved managing in there.
Location was good but my fault I lived so far away. Long ride on back roads in alot of bad weather.
The other associates were knowledgeable and dedicated to animal welfare. This was my family away from my family as we all had the same goals.
The environment was wonderful. The store was always well stocked, the morale was great, the animals were very well cared for, we did alot of work with the SPCA and alot of free grooms to help adoptions, all in all, it was a great place to work.
I have moved away and I miss PetSmart with all my heart. They demand alot but take care of you. From what I understand, the new store manager has destroyed morale and this is not a nice place to be anymore. I am sad about that because this was a great group that cared and worked closely together.
So to sum it all up- PetSmart is a good company but any job is only as good as the managers in charge.
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