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From CT — 12/15/2008

I'm reading some really HORRID things about PetSmart on here and I don't understand why- here's my take on it.

Pay: The pay is decent- it could be better but it also depends on your hiring or store manager, where you live, and your position in the store. They gave me what I asked for from them and NOBODY gets paid minimum wage.

Respect: I couldn't really get more respect in a job than I get here- I have a store, operations, and 4 department managers and all of them are open, listen to what you have to say about anything, and are pretty much always on your side in every situation.

Benefits: I'm not full time yet, so I'm unsure of benefits and how they really are compared to what I was told at hiring.

Job Security: Simple. If you do your job, they aren't going to fire you. Someone has been laid off recently but that was because for a couple weeks in a row we were catching money loss on her register. Hours are kinda fussy, though, because it is retail so they only have a certain number of hours to hand out to each department so if there's several people working in one department, you're all going to have about 20 or so hours a week- generally they don't give less hours than that, though, unless if you request the time off or can't work that much.

Work/Life Balance: Wonderful. They go around life schedules exTREMELY well and do their best to give you as many hours as possible around your schedule and so far not many problems from anybody at my store. Everyone kinda has the same amount of hours, though, 20-25ish a week, but everybody was told that they were hired at part time so you can't really complain. I even discussed with my manager if I can't work full time I'm cutting my availability for a second job and he said that if I do, I won't lose any hours at all.

Career Potential/Growth: The reason I discussed cutting availability as I mentioned in the above paragraph is because I was working Pet Care and transferred to the Salon because the pet care manager transfered an employee from a different store to work with her and the new associates. I told my store manager I didn't want to lose hours and the salon had open spots. Now that I've been in the Salon for 2 weeks only I went up to him this morning and asked about going to Petsmart's Grooming School to be an actual groomer, not just a bather, and my name is already on the list to go. I've also been cross trained for everything in the store, now, except a fork lift and that's because I haven't asked because I don't care. It's not something I'm going to need to do any time soon, especially if I'm staying in the Salon. Like I said about job security- if you do your job right, you won't lose it and if you do it well and not just right, you can move up.

Co-worker Competence: There are 3 or 4 people in my store that have a job because they need a job not because they care or want to be there and they kinda screw around a bit, don't get much done but it doesn't really screw up anything that needs to get done or make more work for other people.

Work Environment: I've never had a more enjoyable experience. Pretty much every single person I work with is happy and enjoys being there and all 6 of my managers are wonderful. Most of them transferred from other Petsmarts, two of them are brand new to the company, also. But they're very lax as long as you aren't messing things up, being rude to customers, not doing ANY work, etc. For example- a few days ago I had no dogs in the Salon, was working alone, and had already finished helping my coworker on the floor with taking care of the pets so I went up to the registers and I helped ring out even though there were only about 5 people in the store.

This job has been a wonderful experience for me and I plan on staying here for the next few years until I finish getting my college degrees. No job or company has ever been better. By the way- PETSMART CARES ABOUT ANIMALS! Corporate is ALL about the animals and then employees, and then the customers and money. They really are here to care, not just to be rich unlike other unnamed, popular pet stores about which I've had several people tell me horror stories.
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